GentleWebSite is a simple CMS for mantining a Web Site.
Some of its features are:
  • Site structure modifiable: pages are organized like, static sites, in a tree: pages and subpages.
  • A page is a ordered collection of fragments called: contents
  • Contents are reusable in more pages,  run-time, so contents modifies are centralized.
  • Contents could be:
  • Articles
  • News
  • Images
  • Paragraphs
  • Attachments
  • ...
  • Order of page published Contents: always modifiable.
  • Support a simple authoring process: 
  • Editors  write/modify the site
  • Publishers validate and get public selectively the updates
  • Pages are indexed and get searchable with Lucene query syntax.
  • Simple pages and content tracking with some metadata.
  • Horizontal Bar modifiable: you can add/remove/change order of pages